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24 years of experience in importing high quality products from China.

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Firmer is having stock houses and offices in multiple cities


Trusted by many

We are the No 1 company in india dealing in vast range of Bakeware Accessories , cake decoration, celebration range products, kitchenwares and Hospitality products . By connecting its unique competence in innovation, product development & distribution, our company gives great sense of fulfillment to Above segment.

Quality products & affordable

24 years back when we started this company, we had a dream of making it unique rather than big, and we believed it would come true, with the right team and earnest efforts. Quality and affordability is something we have achieved over time with the help of our hardworking Team Firmer.

Wide range of products

As the world is getting smarter and better, people have now started making new choices and moving towards the modern way of approach.With every passing era, there are new set of products making an entry in the market. Customers are demanding new and trending products more quickly and so some products have a shorter period trend and some are revolutionary products. Firmerimpex manages this challenging situation with the help of multiple suppliers & manufactures in China



Our vision for the future is clear. We want to be the best, the first and the only choice for our customers in the service space, ensuring top quality services and best quality products. The new learnings each day and abreast of advancements help us to keep pace with the global developments, while we endeavour to remain true to our core values in conducting our business activities. We value our customers and take pride and ownership in delivering the best to our customers. We are obligated to provide honest, ethical and professional dealings with our customers, employees, and also with our vendors
Team Firmer

Please Note - Minimum order value for one item is INR 1000 and total order value should be INR 35000


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